By: Business in Dallas, TX


Dallas, Texas, a vibrant city known for its thriving economy and diverse population, is an ideal location to start a Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Store business. In this article, we will explore the distribution of residents, significant residential areas, and commercial zones in Dallas, TX. Furthermore, we will provide insights into the potential profitability of a Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Store, discuss the approximate investment required, and suggest suitable locations for opening a store.

Overview of Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX is the thirdlargest city in Texas and known as the economic hub of the region. With a population exceeding 1.3 million residents, the city offers a broad customer base for various businesses, including Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Stores. The city’s residents comprise a diverse mix of ethnicities, including Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Caucasian, creating a rich tapestry of potential customers.

Residential Distribution

Dallas, TX has several prominent residential areas that cater to diverse demographics. One such neighborhood with a high concentration of residents is Highland Park. Known for its affluent population, this area attracts individuals who place importance on personal care, grooming, and the latest beauty trends. Additionally, areas like Oak Lawn and Uptown have a mix of young professionals and individuals seeking urban living, providing a strong customer base for Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Stores.

Commercial Distribution

Dallas, TX boasts numerous commercial zones, presenting lucrative opportunities for Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Stores. The Bishop Arts District, situated in Oak Cliff, is a popular retail and entertainment destination. With a lively atmosphere and a mix of independent boutiques and established brands, this district is an excellent location for a Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Store. The NorthPark Center, a premier upscale shopping mall, attracts fashionconscious shoppers and highend beauty enthusiasts. Establishing a store in the mall would grant access to a large and varied clientele.

The Economic Landscape

The Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Store industry in the United States, including Dallas, TX, has demonstrated steady growth. With a rising demand for beauty products, this industry has proven resilient even during economic downturns. The increasing focus on selfcare and wellness has further fueled the demand for cosmetics and beauty supplies. Dallas, TX serves as a supportive market for businesses in this industry, offering a favorable environment for growth and revenue generation.

Investment and Return on Investment

Opening a Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Store requires careful financial planning. The initial investment typically ranges from $50,000 to $150,000, depending on the store size and location. This includes expenses related to inventory, leasing, interior decoration, staffing, and marketing. On average, Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Stores have a profit margin of 2530%. With proper marketing strategies and a solid customer base, achieving a return on investment within 23 years is realistic.

Ideal Store Locations

  1. Highland Park: With its affluent population and emphasis on personal grooming, opening a store in this neighborhood would attract a highend clientele.
  2. Bishop Arts District: The district’s trendy and lively atmosphere would appeal to younger demographics seeking unique and independent beauty brands.
  3. NorthPark Center: Establishing a store in this upscale shopping mall would provide access to a wide customer base, including fashionconscious shoppers and beauty enthusiasts.
  4. Oak Lawn and Uptown: These areas, known for their urban living and young professional demographics, offer a promising customer base for Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Stores.


Dallas, TX presents a promising landscape for starting a Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Store business. With a diverse population, robust commercial zones, and a growing demand for beauty products, the industry offers significant potential for profitability. While the initial investment can vary, careful planning and strategic location selection can lead to a favorable return on investment. By considering suitable locations such as Highland Park, Bishop Arts District, NorthPark Center, Oak Lawn, and Uptown, entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in this flourishing market.